Jade and Oli

Jade and Old Wedding at Cameo Island Zakynthos Reception : Mythos - Keri

Nicholas & Sapphiroula

Wedding Proposal in Zakynthos. Blue Caves & Navagio Beach Clifftop!

Kyra and Gustavo

Wedding took place at Navagio Beach, Zante!

Spiros Christening

Christening of Spiros at St. Nikolas of Molos - Zakynthos

Monica & Alexander

Wedding location at Shipwreck Zakynthos and places around. Wedding Venue : Cameo Island.

Wedding greek

Evie & George

Greek Wedding Photojournalism and Location at Skopos Mountain, Zante.

Irina and Dimitri

Location shooting around Zakynthos Island.

Nadia and Marios

Creative Photojournalism and Location



Landscape photos and video from Zakynthos, one of the most picturesque islands in Greece.

Mike and Gill

A vintage inspired wedding day in Greece.

Katia Christening

a Greek christening

Vassili and Natalia

Wedding location at La Jolla, San Diego.

Nicola and James

A Vintage wedding taken place at Ampeloravdi Mansion Zakynthos.

Dionysian and Giannis

Greek Wedding Photojournalism and Exo Chora, Zakynthos.

Katerina and Costas

Greek Wedding Photojournalism and Location Vasilikos, Zakynthos.

Jennifer and Richard

Wedding Venue : Cameo Location in the sea and under the stars!